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25 March 2012 @ 10:46 pm
Gifting update - if you have not filled your request or haven't seen your request filled  
Wow! Everyone who's posted has posted a ton of amazing stuff!

If you have posted something and haven't yet recieved anything in return, don't worry, You'll get something :)

A few people have contacted me to let me know they're going to be a bit late (RL and other things). Those people are:
Anne for Shada
Opal for Faith
SpmSL for Da Hitsuji
lule_bell for Amy Lynn/Dracobolt
Faith for ErgoCogito

If you're already late and are working on something, please send me a PM so I can let these folks know something awesome is coming their way!

If I don't hear before Wednesday the 28th, I'll consider you defaulted and add your recipient to the list of people who need a request fulfilled.

On Wednesday (barring acts of Discord and Other chaos) I'll post the summarized requests that are still outstanding and anyone who feels the magic of friendship can fill those if they promise to do so in a week. (Anything that's not claimed after a week, I'll do myself dangit!)